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1980's Fashion
In the 1980's fashion was split into categories like the valley girl, power dressing, punk, and preppy.
All that became popular and stayed popular during the 80's.

Valley Girl- The valley girl style consisted of headbands, cheerleader type skirts, leg warmers, miniskirts,
sweatshirts with the collar cut out, and leggings. The trend first started to become popular in California but
quickly spread throughout the United States. The valley girl look was based on the movie Valley Girl and
the popular song by Frank Zappa.

Power Dressing- Shoulder pads were the domination of power dressing. Women wore them who wanted to
"Power Dress" to show they were equal to men in the office. Pointed toed shoes and spiked heels made a
comeback for women in business. The return of pinstripes was big for men in the business fashion world.
Vests with four buttons, narrower neckties, and button-down collars also became popular for men.

Punk- Punk style was very apparent during the first half of the 80's. The style was defined by multi-colored
mohawks, ripped skinny jeans, worn band tee-shirts, and jean or leather jackets. Most times, the jeans
jackets would have things such as safety pins, buttons or patches on them.

Preppy- Brands associated with the preppy look were Izod, Ralph Lauren and The Gap. Things like argyle
sweaters or vests, button-down Oxford shirts, khakis, loafers, or sweaters worn loosely around the
shoulders were considered "preppy." It consists of lots of pastel colors, polo shirts, blazers, and tennis shoes.