1980s Fashions and Fads
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The fashion world in the 1980s was always changing. In the early 80s
the business look or business attire was very popular among men and women.
by the end of the decade fashions were full of fringe, beads, flowers,
and bright colors. These styles flip flopped back and forth throughout the decade,
also being replaced by the 'Yuppie' look and the rock and roll look. A few things that
became popular during the 80s were fingerless gloves, large shoulder padded jackets, Ray Bans, flats, leg warmers, big chunky jewelry, Gucci handbags, and Rolex watches.

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Fads were changing just as quickly with introducing new toys and games by the handfuls. A largely know fad was the Cabbage Patch Doll, which became wildly
popular very quickly. In addition to that, things like Care Bears, Transformers,
Trivial Pursuit, Rubiks Cube, and Pac Man. However, Fads in the 1980's weren't just
material things. The fitness craze dominated most of the decade.cabbage_patch_kids.jpg

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The 1980's were a decade of change, from it's fashions to it's fads.