Woodstock 1969

The Woodstock music and arts festival was held from August 15th through the 17th. It was held on Max Yasgur's dairy farm in Bethel, New York. It was organized by John Roberts, Joel Rosenman, Artie Kornfeld, and Mike Lang. The original plan was to have a concert to raise money to make a new recording studio in Woodstock, New York. It ended up being a free event due to how many people showed up without tickets.

Woodstock was 3 days of peace, love, and music. They only expected around 25,000 people to show up. The actual attendance at Woodstock was over 500,000 people. The traffic to get there was was so bad that they had to bring some of the performers in helicopters. The organizers ended up being about $1,000,000 in debt due to it being a free event and how expensive it was to have. Even though they were in incredible debt, they payed it all off and more from the film Woodstock 1969.woodstock-crowd.jpg
There were many, many performers at Woodstock, explaining why it was a 3 day festival. The performers and set list of Woodstock.i
The very last performer of the festival was Jimi Hendrix. He insisted on being the last one to play. Even though it was one of the most memorable performances at Woodstock, there was only about 25,000 people still there to see it.
At Woodstock, there was no reported violence whatsoever. Even though there was about 500,000 people in attendance. This displayed the power and influence of music on people. All the people there felt unity with on another. They shortly ran out of food supplies so everybody shared what they had. Woodstock was a big part of the hippie movement. It showed the power and influence of the youth of America. 1484075w.jpg

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