Founder of Mo-Town Records Berry Gordon.

Mo-town Records founded by Berry Gordon Jr. in 1959 building up by the mid-70's into the largest black owned firm in the U.S. 1961 Diane ross And supremes sign to Mo-Town, by 1962 Mo-Town had it's first solo superstar Mary Wells record the first label release. Later the marvelettes Mo-Towns first hot female group provided Mo-Town with it's first number one pop chart hit. by fall 1962 Mo-Town became the first record company to send it's artists on tour. Mo-Town was now on it's way to success, having it's very first album by stevie wonder to be the first to reach number one on pop album charts. Later Marvin Gaye Another Mo-Town superstar recorded his first album with Mo-Town, By 1965 Mo-Town and it's Tamla record label sponsered there first intenational tour. By 1969 Mo-Town Had signed Multiple artist and all were hit makers one of which were the Jackson 5. becoming Mo-Town most profitable act, Also The Temptations won Mo-Town it's first Grammy award. Later 1975 Jackson 5 Left Mo-Town, a year later the temptations also left Mo-town. in 1979 Smokey Robinson release his first solo hit with Mo-town, a year later the Mo-Town museum opens at the old Hitsville U.S.A. By 1981 Mo-Town had Lost 3 artists including Diana Ross, in 1982 Lionel richie string top 10 hits for Mo-town, two years later Mo-Town faced a horrible tragedy Superstar Marvin Gaye was shot and killed by his father. by 1993 poly gram buys Mo-Town and berry sells 50% of Jobete to EMI
The Mo-Town Family.

  1. Mary Wells- "My Guy"
  2. Diana Ross & The Supremes- "Lovelight"
  3. The Temptations- "My Girl"
  4. Jackson 5- " I Want You Back"
  5. Teena Marie- "Ooo La La"
  6. Stevie Wonder-" I Just Called To Say I Love You"
  7. Marvin Gaye- "Sexual Healing"
  8. Smokey Robinson-"Quiet Storm"
  9. Rick James-" Party All The Time"
  10. Boys || Men- "A Song For MaMa"

Mo-Town 25th Anniversary

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Berry Gordon Standing By Michael Jackson Former artist of Mo-Town Records
While Collecting Grammy's For Thriller.

Berry Gordon And Long time lover also former Artist of Mo-Town RecordsDiana Ross. (Scandal)Long Time Love Affair Between the two Never turned serious although both Loved one another People in there lives wouldn't allow them to be together. Best known as Frustrated Love between the two Love BirdsNevertheless Berry was Married at the time they still never hid the fact they were togetheror they did a Bad job at doing so. Diana Later married a Jewish man but that did not stop the affair at a Vegas Concert that Diana had performed "Someday We'll Be Together" And While performing broke down into tears on stage Only close friendsKnew that those tears were for Long Time Love Partner Berry Gordon.
Berry Gordon And Mo-Town Artists Pose for picture.