Make love not war.
Hippies believed in making
love and not war.They were completely
agenist the vietnam war and they made
sure that polotics were a big part of their
life. They had strong believes on civil rights.
In washington 25,000 protesters walked
agenist the war, radicals,students anyone
and everyone joined together to share their
poliotical beliefs.In reality, 65% of all people
actually did agree with hippies in their political
views too.

Decked out

Their were many for hippies.
They mainly wore bell bottoms, with
very wide belts.Leather sandles and
Vests that were very colorful. Baja
hoodies and headbands. If you were
a hippy youd be caught in some of
thease fashions.


What Are Hippies?
Its 1967 the summer of love hippies were popping up everywhere. Cleveland, Oregon,California,etc! Hippies were extremely young. Usually around 15-25 years of age.They left families usually because they thought that they were spoiled and wasting their life away. They did the complete opposite of what everyone else was doing.They would express their views by holding demostrations, protests and parties. The most important in hippies history happend at golden gate.It held a festival for a week to experiment with LSD.Buena vista park held hippies for nights to just talk and have a place to stay. They lived life to the fullest. Nothing was to much for them.Their were movies made to make fun of them and a lot of people took them for a joke not seriously. Time magazine and other big magazines wrote about the Hippy revolution.

Their was a lot of groovy music during the hippy generation.
The top ten songs of their era were,
10. Woodstock – Joni Mitchell
9. Good Morning Starshine – Oliver
8. Green Tambourine – Lemon Pipers
7. Lady of the Lake – Strawberry Alarm Clock
6. I Dig Rock and Roll Music – Peter, Paul and Mary
5. In a Rainbow – Sweetwater
4. Itchykoo Park – The Small Faces
3. My Generation – The Who
2. White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane
1. Hari Om – Ravi Shankar
For more music from the 60's: