Television in the 1950s.
About the actual television;
The early 1950s, television was not in color. It was in black and white. Most of the time it was alot of static becuase people had to use antennas to find singnals of televison networks they wanted to use. It was kinda like the radio but more popular and more entertaining to watch. Some televisions in the 50's were even portable. You could take it anywhere youd like. Then later through out the years color tv started, and then the television got real popular. it costed about up to $850 dollars for the smallest television in color, and more tv shows started to play on diffrent networks. Specificly CBS. There was atleast 350 networks and shows. But as time went on through the 50's the actual television and t.v 1955ge-2portable-tvs400x196.jpgshows improved alot.

Shows and Commercials;
Television shows- All television shows that were produced in networks on t.v no matter what it was the show would only run for 30 mins top, No longer than that. The most popular show in the 50's was howdy doody and i love lucy, there were plenty of good other shows but they considered them as good family shows but most shows they played were most deffinately appropriate and recomended for children and family.
Television Commercials- Most commercials that were played on t.v were advertisements that were in magazines or posters around town or on the radio. People would just take and act the ad out on t.v to get more buyers or they would have someone famous sponcer they're product and it would getmore people to buy it. Commercialsonly lasted about 15 to 30seconds long and there would only be about 3 or 4 of them played inbetween shows. They would put ads in the middle of a show and at the end. There wasnt very many commercials played becuase they would cost alot of money to play them or to pay the network to play them, it would cost about $3500 dollars and that was alot back then. But the ones that were played made some money cause there stuff was advertised across the country.
  1. I love lucy.
  2. Howdy doody.
  3. Clayton the cowboy.
  4. news.
  5. commercials.
Shows during 50's;
Tons of shows played during the 50's they only lasted about 30 mins long but they played in series each day. most of the shows we G rated they were appropriate for kids and families.