1920s Fashion

Women's Fashion; There was afternoon and evening gowns. Afternoon gowns had long, flowing sleeves, worn with sashes and bows or flowers at the waist. The waistline fell to the hip, the hemline ended at the mid-calf or just above the ankles, this length is still sometimes referred to as the "tea length". There were worn for formal lncheons or afternoon teas. Evening gowns were slightly than tea gowns, they were satin or velvet and had beads, rhinesones or fringe. They were sleeveless and deep scoping necklines, or extreme v-necks. Working women and college students needed elegantdresses and suits to wear from morning to the evening. Fashion designers and department stores began to make these suits and women who didn't even work wore these outfits, rather than having to wear more than one.
menfashion.jpgMen's Fashion; Men also worked to keep the ideal strong, slim body. Men often wore suits and also began wearing sports clothing in this decade, but began to only wear suits to formal occasions. Men wore extremely high waisted jackets, normally with bets. The lapels or shirts, were very high and were always buttoned high. The trousers or pants, were narrow, straight and short to show off the mans socks. Also black or midnight blue swallow-tailed coats, trimmed with satin, a pair of matching trousers trimmed with satin or wide braid ribbon was very popular then too. Men also wore hats but it depended on their class. Wealthy and upper class men wore top hats or homburg hats. Middle class wore fedora or trilby hats. In the summers upper and middle wore straw boaters. And for the lower class they wore standard newsboy caps or no hat at all.

1920s Fashion was influenced by many things, like transportation, culture and just the customs of people. There wasn't much freedom witflappers.jpgh the way to dress, but the 20s was the decade in when when first rebelled themselves, these women wore called flappers.Flappers were the women who took risks, went to parties, danced, smoked, drank, pretty much did the opposite of what women were told to do. These women tightened wound their chest to flatten them more like a boys and skirts began to rise to just above the knee. They cut their hair into the haircut called a "bob" and also began to wear make-up, which then was only worn by loose women. Rouge, powder, eye-liner, and lipstick became extremely popular. Flappers clinged to the youths and took risk and were reckless. Overall they just wanted to be different.

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