Charles LindberghCharles Lindbergh was originally born in Detroit, Michigan on February 4th, 1902 to his father Carl Mansson (Charles August Lindbergh) was a congressman and his mother Evangeline Lodge Land was a school teacher. In 1928 he graduated from Little falls high school in Little falls, Minnesota. He then went to the university of Wisconsin for mechanics in 1920 and dropped out shortly later in 1922. Then a year later in 1923 he took his first flying lesson, continued to pursue this and started in the air mail industry in 1925. In his lifetime Lindbergh won and was given/awarded hundreds of metals and ribbons, he accomplished many great things and is one of the key figures of the 1920s.
Lindbergh Speech



  • Made the first solo atlantic flight from new york to paris
  • Given medals from several american organizations
  • Awarded medal "by order of the fuhrer"
  • Gave 147 speches in 92 cities in 42 states and rode 1,290 miles in parades
  • Invented a machine to pump vital fluids into body while the heart could be operated on
  • Awarded medals from England, France, Germany, and the United Nations for his flight and inspiration

Lindbergh by his plane the Spirit of St.Louis
Timeline of Lindbergh's life