Babe Ruth -Baseball Legend-

Babe's Authentic Jersey-#3

Who was Babe?
Babe, (being his nickname, real name being George)started off as a pretty bad kid back in the day. He often skipped school and caused chaos in his neighborhood. This was due to his parents hardly ever being around which meant he had to be on his own. Until the age of 7, George was sent an all-boys Industrial School by his parents, in order to get his act together.Years later he became the most well-known name in Sports. He was first drafted to the Baltimore Orioles for one year but he didn't play much. When he showed up for his first practice with the team, the players said, "Hey look here comes Jack's newest babe." (Jack was the owner of the Baltimore team). He was then traded to a Minor League team called the Providence Grays where he spent one season with them as well. The same year he was traded to the
Boston Red Sox where he spent 5 seasons with the team. Although Babe was already pretty well-known, his true rise to fame started when he played for the
New York Yankees. Here he spent most of his baseball career, 15 years to be exact. He set many all-time major league records in these years as well as many of his own personal bests. He ended his Major League career in the year of 1935 where he played for the Boston Braves.* (Personal Bests and Records are shown in the table below)Baseball_Glove_and_Ball.jpg
What got Babe into

Career Totals Home Runs- 714
Hits- 2,873
Batting Average- .342
RBI's- 2,213

Top 10 All-Time Records Set by Babe

  • 1st All-Time Highest OPS- 1.164
  • 2nd All-Time On-Base percentage- 47.4%
  • 2nd All-Time Slugging percentage- 69%
  • 2nd All-Time Number of RBI's- 2,213
  • 3rd All-Time Number of Home Runs- 714
  • 3rd All-Time Number of Walks- 2,062
  • 4th All-Time Number of Runs- 2,174
  • 6th All-Time Total Bases Ran- 5,793
  • 10th Best All-Time Batting Average- .342
Positions Played: Pitcher and 1st Base until he was traded to New York where he became an Outfielder

Teams Babe Played For
Baltimore Orioles 1914
Boston Red Sox 1915-1919
New York Yankees 1920-1934

Providence Grays 1915
Boston Braves 1935