What got Babe into Baseball?
It all started when George, or "Babe" was a young and mischievous child causing trouble in the neighborhood. At the age of 7 George was moved from his public school, which he often skipped, to an all-boys Industrial School by his parents. They finally agreed that he needed to be in a more strict environment since they couldn't always be around as often as they wanted to be. The school was called St. Mary's. A monk there, named Matthias took an interest in George fairly quick. Brother Matthias became a very positive role model to George and even somewhat of a father figure. The Monk was also George's early baseball coach, being his first. This was what got Babe into baseball in the first place. After and before school they would frequently work on George's pitching and hitting skills, for hours long sometimes. Over the several years that George practiced, he became very good. Brother Matthias and some other Monks of the school invited Jack Dunn to the school to see George play. Jack Dunn was the current owner of the Major League team the Baltimore Orioles. Mr. Dunn didn't George play for any more than an hour and was already impressed. This happened when George was only 19. Thereafter, that winter, which was in 1914, Mr. Dunn offered George a contract to play on his team. From then on, George Ruth became Babe and one of the best baseball players of his time, and all of history.


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